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What do you get for your bike service dollar(s)?


Minor Service- From $88

This is for clean bikes in good condition that require a check and adjustment of brakes and gears, headset, air and some chain lube to get them rolling, shifting and stopping smoothly again.

This service does not include component or parts replacement, or cleaning of the bike driveline. If your bike needs components repaired or replaced, you need a Standard Service

Standard Service- From $150

Firstly we have a quick chat about your bike, how you ride it and what your expectations are.

I wash your bike and inspect its overall condition:

  • Drivetrain, brakes, tyres, shifter and brake cables and hoses checked and replaced if necessary.

  • Bottom Bracket (crank bearings) and Headset preload (steering bearings) are checked and adjusted

  • Gears and brake operation checked and adjusted.

  • Check brake pads and shoes.

  • Air tyres to correct pressure.

  • Clean and lubricate chain on bike

  • I test ride your bike.

A standard service includes component replacement* as required

*Parts not included.

Major Service- from $330

  • Strip components from frame and clean

  • Hydraulic Brake Bleed or Caliper Brake Service

  • Degrease Chain, Crankset and Cassette

  • Check and true wheels on trueing stand

  • Check and adjust hub bearings, clean and grease axles/skewers

  • Includes labor to replace brake pads, inner/outer shift and brake cables, cassette, chain, bottom bracket and headset bearings, tyres/tubes.*

    *Parts not included

  • This service is recommended for bikes that require a comprehensive overhaul or preparation of high performance bikes for events.

Cargo Bike Service- From $165


Everything from the Standard Service plus:

  • Inspection and adjustment and lubrication of extra steering linkages and components in the drivetrain where applicable.

  • Check for wear of electrical cables and integrity of connections.

  • Check operation of shift and brake sensors.

    Very Dirty Bike Surcharge- 27.50 ( Really muddy bikes, filthy greasy drivetrains etc. I will let you know when you drop it off!)

    Supply and fit new tube- $25

    New Tyre Fitting- $15 per wheel

    Hydraulic brake bleed- $27.50 per end

    Tubeless Tyre Fit Inc Tape and Sealant-$49.50 per wheel

    Plus many more Bicycle services

  • Please note: Fault finding on E- Bikes is considered separate to servicing. Give me a call to chat about your fault and my fees for solving those pesky electrical glitches.

This is intended as a guide to what happens during a typical bike service. Given the infinite variation of bicycle types, sizes and riders, BFD aims to provide a quality individual service to each client and their bike. Accordingly, prices will vary depending on your needs and requirements.

Cheers Phil-BFD